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Are you an athlete, freelance coach or an organization?

Athlete - tennis or golf player

  • Replay lesson videos on any device

  • Book and pay via app

  • Categorized lesson history

  • Library for coach exercises and favorite videos

  • Training calendar

Freelance coach

  • Connect with clients via linked complimentary athlete app

  • Video analysis tool

  • Modular scheduling of services and payments

  • Schedule multiple locations and resources

  • Fixed or flexible lesson start days and times

  • Individual or multiple lesson participants


  • All freelance coach features plus

  • Multiple workspaces

  • Staff scheduling

  • Manage staff permissions

  • Shared calendars

  • Track payments

Freelance coach / Organisation features

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management

  • Group clients by one or more categories

  • Target client categories with tailored services

  • Easily access client’s lesson history and notes

  • Store detailed client information, past sporting history, injuries and learning style

  • Manage training schedule for athletes

  • Manage tournament programmes for junior players

Lesson management

Lesson management

  • Record every lesson on a new lesson template

  • Plan each lesson by adding notes, categories and pre-set exercises from your library

  • Add content real time during each lesson

  • Lesson page syncs with your clients via the athlete app

  • Categorize each lesson for reviewing in the future via the Lesson Map

Modular scheduling system

Modular scheduling system

  • Access – public or signed in clients only

  • Invites - individual clients or client categories

  • Timing - set start times for your services, or accept bookings during your available working hours

  • Recurring - once or multiple times

  • Participants – offered packages, group or individual lessons

  • Locations, Staff and Resources



  • Create multiple workspaces

  • Resource management

  • Offer lessons across multiple locations

  • View all staff calendars across multiple locations - set work hours, schedule paid and unpaid time

  • Setup staff roles and permissions

Freelance coach or companies booking page

Freelance coach or companies booking page

  • Setup yours and your staff's working hours and services across multiple locations and/or workspaces

  • Your services can be made public on your special booking page

  • Send email lesson or event invitations to your categorized clients directly via the app

UView video analysis

UView video analysis

  • UView is a complete video analysis tool, embedded within TotalCoach

  • Your clients can play back their lesson videos via the complimentary athlete app



  • Build a valuable database of learning resources

  • Support your team of coaches with ready to share content

  • Upload a variety of file types such as videos, images and documents

  • Categorize your content library by tags



  • Receive payments via stripe

  • Automatic invoicing

  • Track earnings over time

  • The starter plan allows 2 staff members for the price of 1

Athlete's dashboard

With TotalCoach, watch action replays of your lessons on any device at anytime.

    My Golf / My Tennis

    My Golf / My Tennis

    • Use "My Library" to build up a library of categorized learning resources from your coach

    • Use "My Favourites" to speed up your learning curve by saving and categorizing your favorite lesson videos and practice drills

    • Upload a variety of file types from your own sources

    • "My Calendar" to keep your lesson bookings, events and practice in one place

    • Self-coach by creating your own practice lessons

    Connect with your coach or coaches

    Connect with your coach or coaches

    • Share notes and videos with your coach

    • Your coach can use the UVIEW drawing tool to correct your body position and improve your swing

    • Receive lesson invites

    • Book and pay for lessons

    • Switch between coaches from different organizations as well as different sports

    Coaching on demand

    Coaching on demand

    • Get more out of every lesson by playing back your videos via the TotalCoach web app on any device

    • Replay lesson audio from your coach during practice

    • Complimentary athlete app includes viewing one past lesson and your next lesson booking. Unlock all features with the TotalPlan

    • Older lesson content can be retrieved by switching to a paid subscription at any time

    Lesson Tracking

    Lesson Tracking

    • Share notes and videos with your coach

    • Your coach can use the UVIEW drawing tool to correct your body position and improve your swing

    • Receive lesson invites

    • Book and pay for lessons

    • Switch between coaches from different organizations as well as different sports

    • Name and categorize each lesson to make retrieving information on particular swings or shot techniques


    Improve your customer satisfaction by using our product

    • Modern look & trending design

      Total Coach app has been a game-changer for me as a coach. It combines four essential tools into a single platform, allowing me to effortlessly organize my business. With features for scheduling, payment management, video analysis, and marketing, Total Coach has significantly streamlined my operations, resulting in notable time and cost savings. I am incredibly impressed by the convenience and efficiency it brings to my coaching business. It has truly revolutionized the way I work, and I can’t recommend it highly enough..

    • User friendly & Customizable

      TotalCoach has truly revolutionised the way I train and mentor my athletes as well as be able to manage bookings, payments, communications, lesson content and resources all in one simple app. I can easily create personalised training programs tailored to the specific needs and goals of each individual player. The ability to customize training routines, drills, and lesson notes has significantly enhanced the effectiveness of my coaching sessions as well as enable me to cut down my time spent on administration.


    Choose your pricing policy

    Freelance coach subscription per business includes:

    • All locations
    • All clients
    • 30 day free trial
    • Plans start from $42.99 USD and includes 2 bookable staff
    • Increases per staff member

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    Coach sign up

    Download from app store
    For iPad and iPhone


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